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What is Whey Protein, Whey’s role in muscle 3. How to form Whey protein supplements6. What time of day is the best time to add Whey Protein? The best way to use Protein 9. Frequently asked questions about Whey Protein10. Introducing some types of protein supplements for your convenience when buying.

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Today, with Fitness Channel learn about what Whey Protein is. What it does, how many types, which types of Whey protein are good… will all be mentioned so that you can have the best overview of Whey Protein supplements.

What is Whey Protein, the role of Whey in muscles?

1. What is Whey Protein

?Whey Protein is a product derived from milk, during the cheese production process, Whey Protein is separated. There are many types of Protein, but Whey Protein is the one with the highest nutritional quality. Whey Protein contains a variety of beneficial amino acids that help maintain and develop great muscle.

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2. What is the nutritional value of Whey Protein

?Protein and other nutrients are evaluated based on the BV (Biological Value), the higher the nutritional value. In nature, the most familiar to bodybuilders is eggs, this is the best source of Protein in nature because eggs reach 100 BV points in nutritional value. However, supplements such as Whey Protein exceed 100, so Whey Protein is a rich source of nutrients.

3. How to make a Whey protein supplement?

As mentioned above, Whey Protein is separated from milk, there are many ways and stages to separate this wonderful protein, and each type brings different qualities that you need to know to be able to use it. choose to suit yourself.

3.1. Overview of how to make Whey Protein

During manufacturing, fat and lactose are separated to form a low-carb and low-fat whey protein concentrate.

At this point in the product made whey protein accounts for about 35% to 95%. The higher the protein content, the greater the separation of fat and lactose in the production process to produce a higher quality product.

A product born if the whey content is higher than 88% is considered whey protein isolate (premium grade), and lower is considered whey protein concentrate.

Protein is concentrated, sterilized, evaporated and dried after having a small amount of components: lactose, minerals, vitamins. The drying will be done at low temperature to avoid denaturing the whey protein.

3.2. How to make Whey Protein

There are 2 forming methods: Microfiltration – Utrafiltration and Ion Exchangen.

3.2.1: Ion Exchange Method

The ion-exchange manufacturing process involves separating proteins based on their electrical charge.

Two chemical components: hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide. The charge of the proteins will cause the reaction. Ion Exchange is worth 1/5 of Microfiltration. And due to the use of some chemical reactions in the production process, it will denature amino acids and other components such as:

Glycomarcropeptides (GMPs): are bioactive protein fibers, beneficial to the digestive system, antibacterial activity, improve calcium absorption, and enhance immune system function. Bacterial infections) Lactoferrin fibers : about 0.5% – 1% or less in cow’s milk (about 15% in breast milk lactoferrin has antibacterial, microbiological, and anti-cancer properties). Some alpha lactabumin: including one most essential amino acids.

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It can be seen that with ion exchange method a lot of beneficial components will be lost, however, beta-lactobulin is more concentrated and quite stable.

The advantage of this method is that it produces less fat and lactose than the Microfiltration method. Because of this, many people still prefer to use products made with this method even though it may lose other beneficial ingredients.

3.2.2: Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration Methods

Microfiltration or Ultrafiltration methods are similar. The main difference between them is the average membrane size. Microfiltration membrane is very small, about 1mm, the average Ultrafiltration membrane size is 4 times smaller. (0.25mm).

Cross Flow Microfiltration Method This method gives a higher product value than the ion exchange method. As mentioned above, the ionic method will denature proteins and amino acids. But this method will produce products that have been filtered to separate whey protein, fat, and lactose based on their molecular size and shape.

The advantages that this production method offers:

The possibility of protein denaturation is very small.Retains the separated protein fibers.Rich in amino acidsProtein separation process does not use heat or other chemical reaction methods.Contains high calcium and low sodiumNo affecting immune components such as (alpha lactalbumin, immunoglobulins, and GMP) Whey protein produced by CFM method is a high value, undenatured protein.

Because of its good quality, this whey isolate is always more than twice the market price of whey concentrate. If you have a budget, this is a great choice. Hydrolyzed method: Hydrolyzed whey protein is a whey protein isolate containing amino acid chains broken down into small amino chains that are quickly absorbed into the body. . This production method gives a lighter protein taste.

Advantages of hydrolyzed whey

Is the most easily digested whey protein absorbed. Protein molecules are broken down into smaller fibers called peptides

4. How to choose Whey Protein Supplements

?Some of the best Whey Protein products to gain muscle today

When preparing to buy supplements, specifically Whey Protein, you need to pay attention to the ingredients inside. With the type listed as 100% ingredients, it is not necessary to say, but with mixed proteins (usually with the word Blend or Matrix), you need to pay attention to a few points as follows:

In the nutrition table, how are the ingredients listed, which is more, which is less (eg, Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate…. the former will account for more ingredients than the latter). Choose the type with the amount of Isolate first, don’t choose the Concentrate type. Buy the mixed protein type usually cheaper, but don’t buy the cheap ones that don’t bring high quality. With the types of Whey Protein, you also have to pay attention. to the index of BCAA and Glutamine, with good types of Whey, these indicators do not change. For example, 1 serving (similar to the gram unit we often use, but foreign countries use a different unit) contains 24-25 grams of Protein, and BCAA is over 5 grams, Glutamine accounts for 4 grams.

5. Who needs to use Whey Protein supplements

Whey Protein is a good food not only for bodybuilders, it is suitable for everyone if there is a need to supplement Protein.

Protein is quickly absorbed, so for those who are sick, anorexia, it will help quickly recover.

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For those who practice sports but the liver and kidneys are not good, and the ability to eat fish is poor, you can also use Whey Protein to supplement. In general, anyone who needs to use Whey Protein can use it.

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Here it depends on the purpose we use, and I will summarize in our bodybuilding field.

Drinking whey after exercise is the most important time6.1. Morning

This is the right time for you to supplement your body with Protein after waking up because after 1 night the body has digested all the substances and is now “hungry” and loaded with fast-absorbing Whey Protein will help “rescue the attack”. hunger” of the body better.

6.2. Before practice

This time does not apply to all subjects, for those of you who have loaded Protein regularly during the day, there is no need to add more before exercising. Unless you’re eating too little protein, you’ll need to get some extra pre-workout.

6.3. After practice

Certainly, post-workout is the most important time to fuel up with protein because the muscles are in need of the amino acids they need to recover and grow. Loading up on Whey Protein now is the Golden period and you need to remember. If you finish training and then cook, then digest to convert to Amino Acids, then it’s catabolized by the body, no longer effective. So after 30 minutes of exercise, add protein immediately.

7. The best way to use Protein

7.1. Dosage

Our body, after 1 hour of loading protein, absorbs about 8-10 grams and after another 30 minutes will absorb a total of 20-30 grams. With good proteins, it comes with yeast to help digest Protein quickly (like Elite Whey). However, the numbers are not the same for everyone, it depends on the type of protein you take, the duration of exercise and the muscle mass you have.

If you’re new to the gym and have a small body, 1 scoop a day is fine. For long-term practice, a large body weighing over 80kg can use from 1.5-2 spoons. For normal or sick people, 1/2 teaspoon is enough.

7.2. How to make it?

If you want to focus on quality and get the most out of the protein in 1 scoop, it’s best to just mix it with water. If you mix it with other types of water such as oranges, yogourt, it tastes good, but the quality is much reduced. Not to mention, if you mix it with milk or casein, it also limits the absorption of protein. So Just mix it with water, it’s a bit bad, but the quality is good.

Each time you mix about 300ml liters is fine, if you like to drink it cold, put it in the refrigerator to drink it.

Absorption time as mentioned above is about 1-1.5h but that is when you use ISO 100 grade like Whey Protein Isolate Hydrolyzed. If possible, use that type, and if the economy is a bit poor, you can use Elite Whey instead.

Because the use of supplements is to improve absorption time, if you do not need it quickly, you can use eggs for cheap.

8. Should you use Whey in your favorite flavor?

? Should you choose Whey with Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate flavors, it will be easier to drink?

Many of you don’t pay attention to this taste problem, because it simply makes it easier for you to drink. However, with all kinds of scents, it has a little difference in terms of the nutritional content inside. The advice here is to prioritize flavors such as: Vanilla, strawberry (Tropberry or Berry), pineapple smell will be better, and use Using flavors like Chocolate, Banana, you will lose about 1gram of Protein and excess fat. If you don’t care about this, you can skip it and use the scent you like.

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Here I only recommend using it for the sake of the substance, not for the taste.

Here I have added another type of BCAAs (an essential amino acid that the body cannot synthesize on its own). It is also a protein product but has the ability to be absorbed directly into the blood and muscles without having to go through the liver like Whey Protein. And BCAAs are a bit cheaper than Proteins.

9. Frequently asked questions about Whey Protein

9.1. Benefits of Whey Protein Supplements

As analyzed above, when exercising, especially heavy training, the body loses the necessary amount of Protein, adding more Protein helps the body recover and develop faster, gain better muscle after exercise. Using enough protein is also helpful for those who need to lose weight fast, dieters because it helps you stabilize blood levels in the body.

9.2. Does 100% Whey Protein help with weight gain?

Whey Protein is specialized in gaining muscle. If you want to gain weight, it is better to use supplements that specialize in weight gain.

9.3. Is it good to drink Whey Protein with milk to gain muscle and lose fat?

As mentioned above, taking with other types will reduce the quality of Whey Protein, not to mention the possibility of causing unwanted substances by reacting with each other.

When using Whey Protein supplements, what should be noted You need to note some points as follows: – Drink 3-4 liters of water per day. – Over 18 years old to use. – When using, must be active Work more so that the body can absorb the maximum amount of protein intake and limit diarrhea caused by excess protein.

9.4. Is it mandatory to use Whey Protein when going to the gym?

This is not necessary if your meal can already provide the necessary amount of Protein for the day. But if you don’t have time to cook or plan a menu with enough protein, supplements are an alternative solution for you.

9.5. Whey Protein vs Casein, which one is better?

These 2 types have their own advantages, with Whey Protein, it helps you absorb quickly and improve muscle recovery in a short time, has high nutritional value containing the most BCAAs. But casein it has the advantage of slow absorption, so it will be suitable for you to use at night when sleeping. So the advice is to use Whey Protein during the day and use Casein at night.

9.6. Is there anyone who should not use Whey Protein?

All subjects without Gout disease (Gout disease), liver and kidney problems can use it. If you are allergic to milk, please consult your doctor before using.

9.7. Where is good and safe to buy Whey Protein?

Supplements are also widely counterfeited and sold in the market, so buy them from highly rated locations, genuine distributors and only buy supplements. The type is stamped with anti-counterfeiting stamps of the Ministry of Health and the Public Security. You can visit to buy products that are guaranteed to be 100% genuine imported and certified against counterfeiting.

10. Introducing some protein supplements for your convenience when buying.

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10.1. Protein Bars

If you don’t have time to prepare protein-rich dishes, protein bars for quick snacking are a solution for you. Always keep a few bars with you to supplement your protein, especially when working and want something to put in your belly.