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Discrete math is the basic subject of most computer-related subjects, and it’s also a very important subject for any IT major. Discrete math provides people with the basics of combinatorics and graph theory.

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The complex part is quite familiar because most people have been acquainted since high school. The problems mentioned are: counting problem, enumeration problem, existence problem, Dirichlet’s principle, limit principle.

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Then there are combinations, combinations, permutations, Sterling numbers, Catalan numbers, etc. Combinatorial theories are the foundation for the theory of computation, complexity, etc.

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Graph theory is the new section. Discrete math will cover the concept of graphs, different types of graphs, algorithms on graphs (DFS, BFS, Djikstra, greedy algorithms, etc.), problems that can be solved on graphs (or model them with graphs to solve), the application of graphs to real problems (such as scheduling exams, pairing, …), …

Some examples of problems solved in discrete math Problem of scheduling class by graph coloring:

The problem of finding the shortest path on Google Maps:

The problem of pairing such that no congestion occurs:

I share some discrete math learning materials of schools for everyone to refer to: LEARNINGS – PROGRAMS (OTHER SCHOOL) * Discrete math learning manuals – PTIT : DOWNLOAD DOCUMENTS * Discrete math lectures Discrete Math Lecture 2 * Discrete Math Lecture – Pham Thi Thuan (University of Business and Technology) : DOWNLOAD LEARNING * Discrete math problem set – Quang Ngai University: DOWNLOAD THE LESSON SLIDE (HUST) * Discrete math textbook – Nguyen Duc Nghia, Nguyen To Thanh : DOWNLOAD TEACHING * Discrete math lecture slide – teacher Nguyen Duc Nghia : DOWNLOAD SLIDE LEARNING* Discrete math lecture slide – teacher Tran Vinh Duc : DOWNLOAD LEARNING SLIDE* Graph programming exercise : DOWNLOAD EXERCISE

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