Update: Currently, Shooting mermaid has been removed from the Vietnamese fish shooting game market. Therefore, you are temporarily unable to play this game.

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Description of the Game

Shoot Fish Fairy (also known as Shoot Fish 3D) is an attractive online fish shooting game, bringing the feeling of shooting supermarket fish right on your mobile phone. Especially it’s completely FREE. With a variety of beautiful fish and high-class guns, the Game helps you comfortably shoot fish without going directly to the supermarket.

Shooting Fish 3D supports 4 people at the same time, you are not only free to shoot fish but also can compete with 3 other players in the same room. The more fish you shoot, the more gold coins you have and the faster you level up.

Android version iOS version PC version

Top 8 Special points only available in Shooting Fish Fairy – Shooting Fish in 3D

The game has more than 30 types of fish with realistic images. Activate the fish lock function, when shooting, do not worry about missing the target. Eye-catching shimmering graphics help players feel like they are in a real palace. Strong fan community , easy exchange, you can use skills when shooting: laser bullets, fire bullets, 3-barreled bullets Various gun levels from 10 Gold to 100,000 Gold, feel free to shoot without worrying about running out of bulletsBoss appears all day, you can Hunt many different types of Bosses. Admin team with many years of experience, support players 24/7

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You can fully immerse yourself in the 3D Fairy Shooting world anytime, anywhere, on all devices using version 4.0 and above.

If you are a fan of shooting fish, 3D Shooting Fish is an online game you cannot ignore. With simple gameplay, vivid sound effects, Shoot Fish Fairy promises to bring you moments of extremely interesting entertainment right on your mobile phone!